64 pcs per box

The winky hotel slippers are made of natural fibres and cork sole. Wrapped in a craft paper bag.



  • Sets your (good) mood for the day!
  • Re-use them! Extra padding on the heels makes sure you can wear them again and again
  • Selfie suitable - perfect for social media
  • So cool, you want to bring them home


Insert one foot into one slipper. Other foot into other slipper. Ready, set – walk!


PRINTED ON THE LABEL: We’ll keep your toes warm and happy during your stay! And please please please take us with you when you leave – we’ll keep up the good work in your home, and the hotel won’t have to throw us out!


The price below is for one box with 64 pairs of slippers - once you are logged in the prices are visible.

The eco-friendly hotel slippers are made of natural fibres, and cork sole. The product is wrapped in a craft paper bag.

Using natural fibers and cork soles in production offers several benefits. Natural fibers are renewable, biodegradable, and often softer and more breathable than synthetic materials, enhancing comfort and reducing environmental impact. Cork soles are lightweight, durable, and offer natural shock absorption, providing comfort and support. Cork is also sustainable, as it is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees without harming the tree, promoting a cycle of renewable resource use.