As the hospitality industry shifts towards eco-friendly practices, hoteliers are on the lookout for ways to ensure their luxury accommodations align with sustainability. This article will highlight how iLoveEcoEssentials partnerships have successfully integrated eco-friendly hotel amenities, resulting in improved guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. It will showcase how these eco-friendly products not only elevate the guest experience but also offer a favorable return on investment, proving that environmental consciousness can go hand-in-hand with financial benefits. 
sustainable partnerships with eco-friendly hotel amenities

Featuring iLoveEcoEssentials at your hotel showcases a dedication to a greener future, supported by certifications like ECOCERT, FSC, and BDIH. These certifications validate your hotel’s commitment to sustainability and offer your guests luxury eco-friendly amenities that contribute to a less harmful environmental footprint. Read about how we have certified our product range here.

We have only received positive feedback from our guests since we switched to iLEE. This is due to the environmentally friendly choice of moving from small bottles to larger ones, but most of all because the guests are crazy about the delicious products.

Mentioned by Camilla Evelyn Uldal who is Hotel & Revenue Manager at Hotel SKT. Annæ, which is a beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of Copenhagen, and one of our highly appreciated sustainable partnerships. Read more about this stunning boutique hotel here.


Earlier this year, we received a certificate showing the impact on the climate that we have contributed to by using your products – it has been very useful and a really good service, both for us and the guests.

Sara Scharling Korsholm Mathiesen, the Marketing & Breakfast Coordinator at Hotel SKT. Annæ, is referring to a certificate that verifies the hotel’s contribution to the plastic cleanup organization PlasticExchange. This is a result of Hotel SKT. Annæ’s partnership with iLoveEcoEssentials, which supports the movement. Learn how your hotel can participate in the cleanup initiative in our Plastic with Purpose article.


By having iLoveEcoEssentials on display, your hotel will indicate a sense of interior design and a commitment to sustainable luxury. The timeless unisex design and original expression of iLoveEcoEssentials provide a personal touch to hotel rooms. It will make your hotel stand out from others even more – making it certain that your hotel won’t be forgotten by your hotel guests. To prolong the memory of your guest’s stay at your hotel, it will be possible for your guests to buy their favorite products with them home in your reception. In addition to this, it expands the reach of natural, eco-friendly cosmetics into more homes, reinforcing the message of sustainability through everyday luxury – delivered directly from you. 


Hotel Axel Guldsmeden is a valued partner in our sustainable journey, with many years of rewarding collaboration. Located in the heart of Copenhagen, they showcase and sell the iLoveEcoEssentials range in their hotel reception. 


At Hotel Axel Guldsmeden, their proactive approach leads to an average weekly sale of 12 luxury iLoveEcoEssentials amenities at the reception. Each sale contributes an average of 18 euros in profit to the hotel. This additional income affords Axel Guldsmeden approximately 336 complimentary guest nights with eco-friendly iLoveEcoEssentials products each week. Numbers given by Jacob Jørgensen, Chief Operational Officer at Guldsmeden Hotels.


This model highlights how the sale of iLoveEcoEssentials sustainable hotel amenities can effectively cover costs at your hotel. Our Full Circle Benefit article delves deeper into the strategy and benefits of this approach for your establishment.


In wrapping up, it’s seen how going green with iLoveEcoEssentials guest amenities can pay off. Hotels that have adopted this sustainable approach are getting positive reviews and seeing their day-to-day run smoother. It’s all about creating feel-good moments for guests with high-end, eco-friendly touches that also do good by the planet. And a bonus not to forget: a nice boost to the profits. 


Sustainable choices? They’re just good business – and when they come with a touch of luxury, they’re unforgettable.

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